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If you are a UWM Partner, you now have the ability to fully manage your listing from the Preference Center in Brand 360.

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    • Please note that the listings on this website are verified through the NMLS, therefore your name, company name and company address must match how they are officially registered with the NMLS to be displayed in search results on this site.
    • Listings on this site are limited to loan officers and mortgage broker shops as registered with the NMLS, and will not include branch offices, unless the branch office operates under its own NMLS separate from its parent company.
    • For your Google Reviews to appear on the company page, a valid Google Business Listing is required and must match the Business Name and Business Address registered with NMLS to enable results.
    • To update your profile information, please click here. To have your listing added to the website, please fill out the form. 
    • Brokers are responsible for maintaining current listing information at all times. UWM is not responsible for ensuring broker's information is accurate or up-to-date.