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How to Prepare Your Buyers for Closing Day

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February 05, 2021

Unlike movies, meetings, and first dates, when it comes to closing on a house, the more boring, the better! After all, your buyers have already searched everywhere for their home and stretched themselves to get their mortgage financing approved — they don’t want any surprises on closing day. 

As a real estate agent, you can take time to make sure your buyers know just what to expect — and what to bring with them — when closing day finally arrives. 

1. Review the Closing Disclosure

The closing disclosure, also known as the HUD-1 settlement statement, is an official document that outlines crucial items like your buyer's exact mortgage payments, the loan's interest rate and duration, and closing costs.

2. Tell The What to Expect

Closing day can be a real information overload for your buyers. To prevent their eyes from glazing over when reviewing documents, give them a general overview of what will happen when they sit down to make it official.

3. Remind Them What to Bring

Things will stop before they’ve even started if the homebuyers don’t know what paperwork is needed to bring to the closing table:

4. Get Them Ready to Sign

Tell your buyers not to do any strenuous activities for a few days before closing day to prepare them for signing their name a few zillion times! A few of the important documents they can expect to sign:

5. Remind Them to Stay in Touch

Once the closing is complete, your buyers will be ready for the real fun: moving in and making their new house feel like a home. However, prompt them to check in with you after a few months — after all, it’s never too soon to earn more referrals to grow your business.

If you want to provide your buyers with a seamless closing day experience, partner with an independent mortgage broker to ensure their financing goes smoothly. They will act as your buyer’s mortgage expert and help them through every step of the home loan process—helping you earn more referrals in the future.

Search for an independent mortgage broker today to get started.