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Why Buyers Should Work with a Mortgage Broker

2-minute read
February 05, 2021

Most people think mortgage bankers and mortgage brokers are the same — with the similarity in name, that misconception is no surprise. Why use a mortgage brokers instead of a bank? There are major advantages to partnering with a mortgage broker that a banker simply can’t offer.  

Independent mortgage brokers are able to shop the wholesale market to find loan options that meet your buyer’s unique financial needs and desires. With the access to more options with better pricing, your buyer could have a lower monthly payment or better loan terms. 

Mortgage bankers are bound by the building they work in and are only able to offer the loan products their bank carries. Oftentimes, this comes with a higher price tag for your buyer.

Would your buyer benefit from a wider selection of home loan options? Of course they would! 

Follow this checklist to see why mortgage brokers are better than banks for your buyers.

So, are mortgage brokers a better partner for growing your business and serving your buyers? Absolutely! Now that you see why a mortgage broker is better for your buyer than a bank, find a local mortgage broker and get started.